Our History

The Christian Businessmen's Committee of Northern San Diego County Servicemen's Center was incorporated as a non-profit organization February 24, 1951. Through the years of outreach, countless young men and women have been "rescused from the domain of darkness and transferred to the kingdom of His dear Son." Some of those saved and discipled through the Center became pastors, missionaries, and leaders in local churches.

…That was the beginning of The Anchor.

We now have more than 60 years of continuing ministry to the military in Oceanside. We presently outreach to active, reserve and veterans and their families. We welcome men and women who are currently starting out in the military, or have completed their contracts. We have every walk of life coming through our doors: new to the military, experienced combat veterans, wounded combat veterans, reserves, single, married, divorced, parents of military, parents in the military, people walking strongly with the Lord, people who have strained relationships with the Lord, and non-believers. We only have two rules: no ranks are involved, first-name-basis only, and no belittling or put-downs. Everybody is welcome!

The Anchor is on Coast Highway in downtown Oceanside, CA.

Its strategic location allows us to reach the men and women of Camp Pendleton, and the surrounding area.  Known by long-time locals and former military personnel as The Servicemen's Center of Oceanside, the Anchor provides free food, games and conversation for all military members. It's an encouraging environment to start or continue their walk with the Lord.

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