Guest Speaker Roy Siemens-January 26th

I grew up in a home where my parents, Ollie and Caroline, loved God and felt a strong call to spiritually shepard those in military uniform.They started their ministry to the military around 1956 - including being assistant Directors at what is now known as the Anchor in Oceanside. In 1959 they opened up the first ministry in Honolulu, Hawaii focused solely on military personel...the Honolulu Christian Servicemen Center. Being an only child, these military people who stayed in our "Home Away from Home" became my older brothers and sisters. Over 10,000 military personnel walked through the doors of The Center in over a decade. Many lives were changed...including my own. I graduated from Biola College with a degree in Biblical Studies. Though I never served in the military...i have a deep sense of respect for the sacrifices those who served made. How could I not...i lived as a kid amongst them and watched my parents become "family" to many who wore the uniform. I've been in business for 40 years...and the last 18 my wife Robin and I (and now our daughter and son-in-law) have had a family business supplying products to Horticultural business. It's a team effort and we are grateful. But we know whatever success we have yielded is meant to further Christ's Kingdom. That is why- with some irony - it has brought us such joy to support The Anchor. It's been a full circle experience...from my father being at the original Anchor some 60 years me discovering miraculously that Light STILL shines in Oceanside! Levi and the board of the Anchor and those that faithfully support this ministry are a beacon of hope to those who keep the United States safe...and desperately need saving themselves!

Joseph Vargas
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