Guest Speaker Bill Wiese-January 19th


Bill, a dedicated Christian since 1970 and a successful Real Estate Broker for over 35 years in Orange County, California had a life-changing event on the night of November 23, 1998. Bill had an out of body experience whereby the Lord showed him Hell. This experience comes under the classification of a vision as the Bible describes in 2 Cor. 12:1-2 and it has been captured in print with the title, 23 Minutes in Hell, a New York Times Best Seller by Charisma House with over 1 million books sold since its release in March 2006.

In late 2006, Bill and his wife transitioned from real estate careers to traveling full-time sharing the truth about hell. Bill has authored 5 books, including his latest book, What Happens When I Die? In this book, you’ll read about near death experiences, deathbed visions, visits to heaven and hell, how to prepare for eternity and more.

God has graciously opened doors for Bill to share this amazing 23 Minutes in Hell message in churches, bible studies, youth meetings including Ps. Jentezen Franklin’s Forward conference, Christian radio and over 200 secular radio shows. He has appeared with Pat Robertson on CBN, TBN, Daystar TV, Family Net, Sid Roth’s, “It’s Supernatural,” The Miracle Channel’s “Lifeline” and “Insight” programs, God’s Learning Channel, God TV, as well as cable TV. In 2008, Bill was aired on Sean Hannity’s “America” show.

There have been countless stories of salvations, Christians re-committing their lives to Christ and many others being ignited with a passion for the lost. Many prisoners continue to write and express what a tremendous impact 23 Minutes in Hell has had upon their lives. Our ministry continues to donate resources to prisons on a regular basis. 

God is spreading this message throughout the world. 23 Minutes in Hell has already been published in the Afrikaans, Croatian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish languages. 

Bill believes that this message is not a condemning message, but a message of warning. It is a message that expresses God’s great love for people, and His deep desire for people to receive His gift of eternal life and avoid Hell – which He did not create for mankind, but for the devil and his angels. Bill believes he is simply a sign post to point people to the scriptures, and not to his experience. 

“Even if you don’t believe my story, I hope you will believe the Scriptures and avoid hell just the same” – Bill Wiese.

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